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Council for Race & Ethnic Studies

2023 - 2024 CRES Fellowships


Application Call

Due - February 1, 2023

CRES fellowships are considered external fellowships and can be used for either a 50% teaching reduction or a full year of supported leave if this fellowship coincides with the regular faculty or teaching track one-quarter leave.
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Due - February 1, 2023

Fellowships include four quarters of funding (equivalent to the Standard TGS rate) and $4,000 in research funds for the proposed project.
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Due - March 10, 2023

Fellowships offer funds to support undergraduate students working with a faculty mentor on a collaborative project or their own work either during the summer or as a year-long project.
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CRES Highlights


Tastes Like War, a conversation with author Grace M. Cho

On Thursday, February 24th, Asian American Studies Northwestern and CRES hosted a conversation with Author Grace M. Cho, and panelists Mia Charlene White and Yuri Doolan on Tastes Like War, Korean diaspora, U.S. militarism, and family histories. Many thanks to them for a rich discussion! The conversation was recorded and we would like to share the recording with you here!

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Inhuman Figures, A film essay by Michelle N. Huang and CA Davis

Watch CRES Prof. Michelle N. Huang & CA Davis film essay, Inhuman Figures which excavates three popular science-fictional archetypes—the robot, clone, and alien—to reveal how imagined futures are produced from a long history of treating Asian Americans as tireless workers, indistinguishable copies, and forever foreigners.

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Afro-Latino politicians could bridge the African American-Latino divide

Piece in The Washington Post by CRES Fellow, Michelle Bueno Vasquez. In the U.S., Dominicans are the Hispanic group with the largest Black population. Many are pressured to identify as either Black or Latino, not both.

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